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Fleet Management Solution Ranges

Effective Fleet Management is a vital element at the heart of any commercial operation. At RE-Tech UK, we understand that Fleet Managers need fast, accurate data at their fingertips. Our aim is to take the pressure off Fleet Managers and give them valuable time back! Our package offers tailored, scheduled email reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, including Fuel Card Management, CCTV investigations, vehicle tracking and much more! Making it perfect for any size of organisation whose operators have very little time to analyse complex reporting of their commercial vehicles.

CCTV_Incident Visual Driving Aids

CCTV_Incident is a product and service enabling CCTV footage to be extracted from your vehicles, direct to your desktop without the need to remove SD Cards or Hard Drives. Our product range covers everything from a single Dashcam to an 8 Channel MDVR, recording footage inside and outside of your vehicles.

RE-Tech UK can offer not only this facility, so our client can do this themselves but also as a bureau investigation service, so we can provide you with the footage based upon Day, Time and Location of where the incident has occurred. This is provided through our Video on Demand link in our trackNtrace software platform, saving you time and money, scrolling through footage that is not needed.

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Driver Identification: Fleet Management

Driver Identification: Fleet Management is often missed and this can be more important than tracking the actual vehicle itself.  Legislation and organisations such as FORS is increasing the demand to ensure the right personnel are driving the vehicles they are licensed to drive. It is the responsibility of businesses to closely monitor the safe and legal amount of hours their employees are permitted to drive, managing this area effectively can be complicated.  This is evident when incidents occur on the road, such as speeding, hit and run, monitoring overtime and many other driver related scenarios.  At RE-Tech UK, we can incorporate CAN data and tachograph data onto one fully integrated software platform solution which can be downloaded via a live feed straight from the vehicle tachograph.  This eliminates the need for drivers to return to base before the tacho data is retrieved.

  • Real Time Digital Tacho Driver Hours
  • Alerts to Managers for Driving Hours infringements
  • Driver behaviour: speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering
  • RFID or Dallas Key tagging with buzzer or complete immobilisation of vehicle
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CCTV_Incident Camera and MDVR Systems: Fleet Management

CCTV_Incident Camera and MDVR Systems give our customers the detailed perspective they require for their fleet operations. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensure that you get the images that you need to see!  CCTV investigations can also be timely and can interrupt your normal day to day scheduling, so let us do the hard work for you.  If a vehicle has been involved in an incident, we can search the images and narrow them down to the relevant time period and send the information back to you.  Leaving you and your staff to carry on running the business.

Capturing as many angles as you require and a viewer level package to suit your particular needs and budget. Now with our Video on Demand feature you can view live data footage direct to your desktop!

  • CCTV_Incident 100/200 for Van and Car Fleets
  • CCTV_Incident 400 for HGV and Trailer Solutions
  • CCTV_Incident 800 for Bus, Coach and Community Transport Fleets
  • Vehicle Safety Dashcam
  • Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service
  • This system will conform to the proposed TfL Direct Vision Standards with the addition of our Turn Alarm Package and side-underrun protection
  • Annual Servicing for Vehicle CCTV Cameras
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Vehicle Tracking Solutions: Fleet Management

Looking for the Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solution that suits your Fleet Management needs and budget?  Look no further because RE-Tech UK has the answer!

  • Bespoke Tracking units that can harness all types of CAN Data
  • Providing auditable records for FORS compliancy
  • Fuel Management and Fuel Card data
  • Trailer Tracking solutions
  • Vehicle Servicing reminders
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Axle Weight Monitoring Systems
  • Driver Identification and Vehicle Immobiliser options
  • Driver CPC reminders
  • Digital Tachograph information, down load to 3rd party or live data direct to organisation
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Managing Vehicle Weight and Staying Compliant

Managing Vehicle Weight and Staying Compliant!

Overloading of heavy goods vehicles is a significant problem.  One in three checked vehicles by the roadside is overloaded, often by 10 to 20%!

Overweight vehicles have a detrimental effect on road safety, vehicle maintenance, road infrastructure and the environment with increased pollution levels and fuel consumption, as well as giving unethical advantages to unprofessional and unsafe carriers in contractual pricing.

RE-Tech UK can provide customers with an innovative Weight in Motion (WIM) solution, integrated with the vehicles On Board Weighing (OBW) systems which provides all the axle weight information at a glance, perfect for busy Fleet and Transport Managers! Ensure your Fleet is compliant!

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