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Fuel Card Management for Fleet Managers

Fuel Card Management for Fleet Managers has always been complicated.  It is crucial for Fleet Mangers to be able manage and control fuel consumption.  At RE-Tech UK, we offer a fully integrated data management system, specifically designed to make Fleet Managers life less stressful.  Importing data from your Fuel Card company, we can produce Reports, Alerts and Events straight onto our trackNtrace software platform. Add in our Driver Performance League table and you can provide direct feedback to individuals and offer support and targeted training so you are in control.

  • Alerting you to out of hours re-fuelling
  • Fuel management and mpg data
  • Monitor individual vehicle fuel economy
  • Monitor driver performance data
  • Alerting you to out of location re-fuelling
  • Complete audit trail
  • FORS Gold Standard compliant

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