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bebo Tacho Live Upgrade

To All Compliance Officers! We can help protect your Operators Licence!

Tired of the time-consuming chore of manually downloading tachograph data?
With bebo Tacho Live Upgrade, you can monitor driver hours, rest breaks, and receive immediate alerts for vehicle movement without drivers’ cards – all in real-time, directly to your phone or PC.

Keep your trucks on the Road! Complying with DVSA!

As data providers to end users and analysis companies, we offer a complete fleet management solution to help keep you DVSA compliant!

No Wheels = No Business!

Our platform gives you an overview screen showing Driver Card Status, Tacho Working State, and Driver Identification – all as it happens.

Ensure compliance with legally required rest breaks while on the road. No manual downloads needed – keep control of short-term drivers and enjoy a complete audit trail! We also offer seamless exports with our bebo Tacho Live direct to your Tacho Analysis Software provider.

bebo Tacho Live

The complete Tacho Analysis Solution for your Business!

Auto DDD file transfer from your vehicle to your Tacho Analysis Software!

Are you stuck in the manual era or have you upgraded to automation?

As your trusted Tacho Data providers, we’re here to make your life easier.

Say goodbye to manual download hassles and say hello to streamlined operations!

Bid farewell to technical challenges and welcome to streamlined solutions.

Dive into the transformative capabilities of our bebo AI solutions for a hassle-free fleet management experience.

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