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bebo AI Forklift 2 Camera Solution

See with Precision, Stay Safe On-Site!

Enhance your visibility like never before with our state-of-the-art AI Cameras for Forklifts from our bebo range! Easily detect pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles around you on site, reducing blind spots and ensuring heightened safety at all times.

Customise your solution with configuration options for recognition and warnings, tailoring it to fit your specific needs. From blind spot detection, object recognition, or advanced warning systems, our AHD Camera has got your safety needs in mind! Rugged and reliable, our waterproof AI Cameras are built to withstand the toughest environments, ensuring uninterrupted performance under any conditions. Get peace of mind with our cutting-edge Alarm System that keeps you alert and aware of potential hazards, keeping your team and equipment safe throughout operations.

Optional Extras:

  • SD Card Monitor Recording
  • MDVR 1TB Hard Drive Recorder
  • Live Tracking

Take control of your on-site safety with game-changing AI Cameras for Forklifts from bebo! Check out our video for more information!

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