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Van and Vehicle Fleets

Effective Fleet Management is a vital element at the heart of any commercial operation. At RE-Tech UK, we understand that Fleet Managers need fast, accurate data at their fingertips. Our aim is to take the pressure off Fleet Managers and give them valuable time back!

CCTV 100/200: Vans

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CCTV_Incident Visual Driving Aids for Vans Introducing CCTV_Incident Visual Driving Aids for Vans! The CCTV 200 Series features Forward Facing & Rear Cameras with the added advantage of a Plug In MDVR System. Track and Trace your Vehicle while also capturing Live Video Data! Features include Auto Uploads of Collision Events and Live Data Footage […]

TNT1000 Range: Dot on Screen Tracker Units

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RE-Tech UK has a wide range of popular basic 3 wire Track and Trace devices offering: Dot on Screen real-time monitoring Daily trip replay and history Easily viewed on mobile devices Scheduled daily email reporting Affordable and effective GPS tracking Discreet installation No flashing LEDs Multi roaming SIM, no blackspots! Uniquely tailored to your specific […]

TNT1100 Range: Wired Tracker Units

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Our wired Track and Trace devices can offer up to 3 digital outputs with battery back up for extra security and peace of mind. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensures that you get the information that you need to see!  This is just one […]

TNT1300 Range: Non Motorised Equipment Tracker Unit

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With our discreet SkipSmart devices on your essential non motorised assets, getting the correct equipment to the right area has never been easier!  Using state of the art IoT technology and the Sigfox network, the locations of all your assets are at your fingertips. Ensuring you and your team are there at the right place […]