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Crossrail Equipment

Ensure the correct Crossrail Equipment is fitted to your vehicle fleet!

Ensure that your vehicle is fitted with safety mirrors, under run bars and side sensors to maximise your visibility and help to detect Vulnerable Road Users. (Crossrail Standard).

Corona Thermo-Trace

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Protecting your Staff & Customers against the Spread of Coronavirus. Introducing our new Corona Thermo-Trace product. A high body temperature monitoring system, aimed at temperature checking your employees, customers and visitors to help control the spread of the virus, “Save Lives and Protect the NHS”. The Corona Thermo-Trace tests your temperature whilst wearing face masks […]

Direct Vision Package

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The Direct Vision Package. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensure that your drivers and Vulnerable Road Users get the warning information they need!  This is just one part of our extensive range of services which completes the loop of safety and monitoring products for […]

HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light Square

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This HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light is of superior design and construction, standing out metres away for all Vulnerable Road Users to see when the vehicle is turning left.  The purpose of this light is to warn Cyclists and Vulnerable Road Users not to travel down the left hand side of the vehicle. Made […]

HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light Round

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The HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light Round is made to a durable, sturdy construction, with a weatherproof rubberised casing. Our new style incorporates the same features of our square light, just a different shape! Dimensions 230mm round x 38mm deep Dual voltage: 12 to 24 volt and LED powered for a sharper image and […]

HGV Blind Spot Take Care Warning Light

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With the HGV Blind Spot Take Care Warning Light, RE-Tech UK is constantly expanding our range offering our customers more and more choice. 240mm H x 340mm W x 35mm D Dual voltage: 12 to 24 volt Easy installation with mounting brackets if required Any message in any language, these lights can also be customised […]