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trackNtrace: Operational Features

The trackNtrace software is feature rich, with many of these features available with just a few short clicks! For the busy Operations team, you need to access information about your Fleet quickly and easily in order to respond to your customers needs.

Operational Features can include:

  • PTO Activation for Deliveries
  • Axle Weight Monitoring
  • Gritting
  • Camera Alerts

After selecting the required Asset, there are various tabs available beneath the map view: Activity, Alerts and Events.

The Activity tab shows live vehicle information such as speed, location and trip start time.


The Alerts tab will show as Alerts triggered against the selected Asset.  All Alerts can be configured to your specific requirements, for example, Overspeeding, Out of Hours Movement, Camera Activation,  Congestion Zone Entry and more.


The Events tab will show your customised Events, such as Overspeeding, Idling, Entry/Exit to your chosen Locations, Driver Behaviour such as Harsh Braking and Cornering and much more! Coloured Asset State Tags can identify Customer Deliveries or Axle Weights.  All tailored to your specific requirements!

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