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bebo 180° Horizontal View Angle Camera

Introducing the Real 180° Horizontal View Angle Camera from our innovative bebo range!

Ensuring your fleet’s road and on-site safety with an expansive 180° field of view, our camera eliminates blind spots, providing comprehensive coverage that keeps your fleet and other road users in sight.

Equipped with advanced infrared (IR) technology, this camera guarantees crystal-clear footage day and night, enabling enhanced monitoring capabilities around the clock. Say goodbye to compromised visibility!

Worried about distortion? Our camera’s fisheye correction feature ensures accurate assessments of on-site conditions, providing a true-to-life visual experience that aids in decision-making processes.

No matter the environment, our camera stands strong. Its rugged IP69k waterproof grade allows it to thrive in harsh outdoor and industrial settings, ensuring reliable performance under challenging conditions.

Don’t compromise on safety and efficiency. Upgrade to the bebo Real 180° Horizontal View Angle Camera and experience the transformative power of cutting-edge AI technology.

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