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Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service

RE-Tech UK can now offer a Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service to all new and existing customers that have vehicle CCTV in their Fleets.

It’s not uncommon for a fleet of 50 vehicles to have 2 or 3 incidents per month involving their vehicles. This can take up precious time and resources to investigate thoroughly, so let us take the pressure off busy Fleet Managers and give you that time back. There are enough challenges for active Fleet Managers including training staff to understand the CCTV platform, having enough time in the day to analyse minute by minute footage, staff turnover, just to name a few.  These can all affect any dynamic Fleet Operations Centre.

We can analyse the footage and data, then provide you with the relevant information that you need, giving you peace of mind and the continuity of the supplier delivering the data to you, as and when required.

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