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Managing Vehicle Weight and Staying Compliant

Managing Vehicle Weight and Staying Compliant!

Overloading of heavy goods vehicles is a significant problem.  One in three checked vehicles by the roadside is overloaded, often by 10 to 20%!

Overweight vehicles have a detrimental effect on road safety, vehicle maintenance, road infrastructure and the environment with increased pollution levels and fuel consumption, as well as giving unethical advantages to unprofessional and unsafe carriers in contractual pricing.

RE-Tech UK can provide customers with an innovative Weight in Motion (WIM) solution, integrated with the vehicles On Board Weighing (OBW) systems which provides all the axle weight information at a glance, perfect for busy Fleet and Transport Managers! Ensure your Fleet is compliant!

Vehicle Axle Weight Monitoring with VWS Integration

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With the increased importance of vehicles complying with local and national road networks and weight limits, the missing link in the puzzle has been the absence of accurate vehicle weight data being available to Fleet Managers.  This break in the chain does not ensure that both drivers and vehicles are safe and compliant and the […]