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trackNtrace: Alerts Features

Alerts are a very useful tool that can give you up to date information that can be extremely valuable in helping to keep your business on track.  The Alerts can be tailored to suit your needs and the trackNtrace software will notify you by email or SMS messaging, allowing you to respond quickly, if required!

For example:

  • Location Entry & Exit
  • Out of Hours Vehicle Movement
  • Congestion Charge Zone Entry
  • Driver Over Speeding
  • Video Uploads

and much much more!



Reports can also be generated from Alerts.  The Congestion Zone Entry is an excellent way of checking vehicle charges!

Dashcam video uploads can also be monitored in the event of an incident.

Click on Image to Expand View of Overspeed by Road.

Monitoring Driver Overspeeding is also very critical.

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