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Public and Community Transport

Public and Community Transport provide essential network services for the needs of many different passengers. Get the support you need!

Corona Thermo-Trace

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Protecting your Staff & Customers against the Spread of Coronavirus. Introducing our new Corona Thermo-Trace product. A high body temperature monitoring system, aimed at temperature checking your employees, customers and visitors to help control the spread of the virus, “Save Lives and Protect the NHS”. The Corona Thermo-Trace tests your temperature whilst wearing face masks […]

CCTV 800: Coach and Bus

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CCTV_Incident Visual Driving Aids for Coach and Bus Introducing CCTV_Incident Visual Driving Aids for Coach and Bus. The CCTV 800 series is available with up to 8 AHD + 1 IP Cameras with the added advantage of a Plug In MDVR System. Options can include: In-Cab  7 or 10 inch Monitor Screens. your Vehicle while […]

trackNtrace: Asset Tracking and Mapping

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The Main screen has multiple functions, showing you, at a glance, how many Assets are in one area as well as live position updates. The screen itself can be customised to display certain Assets, in a certain way. When your page is opened, you may see a cluster of Assets in one area of the […]

trackNtrace: Alerts Features

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Alerts are a very useful tool that can give you up to date information that can be extremely valuable in helping to keep your business on track.  The Alerts can be tailored to suit your needs and the software will notify you by email or SMS messaging, allowing you to respond quickly, if required! For […]

trackNtrace: Reporting Suite

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Users of the platform will find the Reporting Suite is fully flexible and adaptable to their individual business needs.  All reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly or created ad-hoc as required! Some of the Report types available: Video Upload Event Report Congestion Zone Report Speed by Road Report Trip History with Visual […]

trackNtrace: Live Video Uploads

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With software, this easy to use feature will quickly assist in accident investigations, insurance claims and cash for crash incidents.  With the added bonus of reducing insurance premiums!  Additional recall footage can be requested based on vehicle telemetry location for pin point accuracy.  Multiple camera angles (if fitted) can give an all round view of […]

trackNtrace: Operational Features

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The software is feature rich, with many of these features available with just a few short clicks! For the busy Operations team, you need to access information about your Fleet quickly and easily in order to respond to your customers needs. Operational Features can include: PTO Activation for Deliveries Axle Weight Monitoring Gritting Camera Alerts […]

trackNtrace: Software Platforms

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No matter if you are working from home, out and about or back at the office, can be viewed anywhere, keeping you in control! Click on Images to Expand View  

Community Transport Tracking

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Community transport is an essential service meeting the mobility needs of passengers unable to use conventional public transport. With our wide variety of tracking units available, you can ensure that your vehicles are on the correct designated route and the vehicle is safe and accessible for passengers. Doors open/closed Driver behaviour Dot on Screen reporting […]