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Vehicle Tracking Solutions: Fleet Management

Looking for the Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solution that suits your Fleet Management needs and budget?  Look no further because RE-Tech UK has the answer!

  • Bespoke Tracking units that can harness all types of CAN Data
  • Providing auditable records for FORS compliancy
  • Fuel Management and Fuel Card data
  • Trailer Tracking solutions
  • Vehicle Servicing reminders
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Axle Weight Monitoring Systems
  • Driver Identification and Vehicle Immobiliser options
  • Driver CPC reminders
  • Digital Tachograph information, down load to 3rd party or live data direct to organisation

TNT1200 Range: Bespoke Tracking Applications

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RE-Tech UK has a large variety of bespoke tracking applications. The TNT1200 range of Track and Trace devices, with extensive digital outputs, offers the latest individually tailored solutions. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensures that you get the information that you need to see!  […]

trackNtrace: Asset Tracking and Mapping

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The Main screen has multiple functions, showing you, at a glance, how many Assets are in one area as well as live position updates. The screen itself can be customised to display certain Assets, in a certain way. When your page is opened, you may see a cluster of Assets in one area of the […]

trackNtrace: Alerts Features

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Alerts are a very useful tool that can give you up to date information that can be extremely valuable in helping to keep your business on track.  The Alerts can be tailored to suit your needs. For example: Location Entry & Exit Out of Hours Vehicle Movement Congestion Charge Entry Over Speeding Video Uploads and […]

trackNtrace: Reporting Suite

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Users of the platform will find the reporting suite is fully flexible and adaptable to their individual business needs.  All reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly or created ad-hoc as required! Reports can be created from Alerts or Events, Trip History even Driver Behaviour!  

Vehicle Axle Weight Monitoring

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Vehicle Axle Weight monitoring is becoming more critical, RE-Tech UK has the solution integrating with the vehicles On Board Weighing (OBW) system to provide accurate Weight in Motion (WIM) data straight to your PC and desktop. Front and rear axle weights can be measured and displayed through our  software giving you this vital information that […]

Trailer Tracking

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Security | History |Location | Planning | Scheduling A Trailer Tracking Solution that really works!  Designed to manage small, medium or large Fleets with battery backup and IP67 rated weatherproof casing, this elegant solution really ticks a lot of boxes! With incredibly accurate trailer tracking data, this product allows you to monitor your loads as […]

Digital Tachograph Driver Identification

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Digital Tachograph Data is not only a legislative requirement but for time sheet and driver control a perfect solution enabling you to tag into a vehicles tachograph eliminating the need for RFID or Dallas Key driver tagging. With RE-Tech UK software capabilities we can offer Digital Tacho Data live through our software removing the need […]

RFID and Dallas Key Driver Identification

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With RFID and Dallas Key solutions, RE-Tech UK can offer various ways to monitor driver identification with or without immobilising the vehicle. Using this process ensures Organisations are doing everything in their power to maintain not only a record of which personnel has been driving particular vehicles, but also if they are authorised and eligible? […]

Fuel Card Management for Fleet Managers

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Fuel Card Management for Fleet Managers has always been complicated.  It is crucial for Fleet Mangers to be able manage and control fuel consumption.  At RE-Tech UK, we offer a fully integrated data management system, specifically designed to make Fleet Managers life less stressful.  Importing data from your Fuel Card company, we can produce Reports, […]

GPS Tracking for Electric Vehicles

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Introducing GPS Tracking for Electric Vehicles. A hard wired tracking device connected into the vehicles OBD port which gives you up to date and direct information about the state of health of your electric vehicle. State of Charge for battery Distance to Empty information Health of Battery Service Due Dates Low Battery Level Alerts GID […]