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trackNtrace: Asset Tracking and Mapping

The trackNtrace Main screen has multiple functions, showing you, at a glance, how many Assets are in one area as well as live position updates. The screen itself can be customised to display certain Assets, in a certain way. When your page is opened, you may see a cluster of Assets in one area of the map, hovering over the cluster will list the identity of the Assets in that area.

Users can individually customise the screen to suit. Change the Asset View, Highlight update times, most recent to oldest update and location.

Assets can be filtered by Cost Centre, Asset Groups, Type and Category.  The filter function is on the right hand side of the header, click on the filter icon and select your choice.





You can customise your map view to your personal settings. Street map, Satellite or Hybrid view which is a combination of both.


Users often need to find a position on the map and there is a tool bar containing a search function on every map on the trackNtrace platform.


Not all assets may be shown on the Overview screen, however, you can find them using the search icon, click and type in the Asset name.

Now you’ve found your Asset, under the map view you will see its recent Activity. Clicking on one of these items will give you a Quick Trip View as a pop up.

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