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Trailer Tracking

Security | History |Location | Planning | Scheduling

A Trailer Tracking Solution that really works!  Designed to manage small, medium or large Fleets with battery backup and IP67 rated weatherproof casing, this elegant solution really ticks a lot of boxes!

With incredibly accurate trailer tracking data, this product allows you to monitor your loads as you would a vehicle, giving you and your clients piece of mind that goods in transit are secure and protected at all times.

Track the Trailer not the Truck!

  • Protect your Valuable Assets and Cargo
  • Live Tracking of your Trailers
  • Increase the Utilisation of your Trailer Fleet
  • Customised Solutions to Suit your Individual Business Needs
  • Cargo monitored regardless of Vehicle

trackNtrace your Trailers!

Planning and Customer Service

  • Live Trailer Location
  • Constant Temperature Monitoring
  • Securely Tracked Trailer and Cargo
  • Alerts for Unauthorised Movement
  • Market Leading IP67 Rated Weatherproof Devices

Reports and Alerts

  • Entry/Exits of Depots or Designated Sites
  • Non Authorised Movement
  • Temperature Control
  • Rear Door Opening
  • Power Disconnection
  • Service Notifications

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