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TNT1400 Range: Short Term Hire & Lease Vehicles: OBDII Units

A perfect solution for short term hire or lease vehicles, our Plug and Play OBDII Track and Trace devices can be swapped from vehicle to vehicle for as long as the term of hire. A most discreet device with no external LED lights and with a built in antenna means additional security and peace of mind.

  • Dot on Screen real-time GPS Tracking
  • Plus any other engine data that can be extracted
  • Including: RPM, Fuel Level, Fuel Usage per Trip and CO2 ratings
  • Easy to install into the vehicles existing OBD port
  • Ideal for temporary rental vehicles
  • Daily trip replay and history
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Geo-Fence with SMS Alerts for out of hours use
  • Scheduled daily email reporting

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