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RE-Tech UK

Here at RE-Tech UK we view our operation as offering support, security and safety solutions.

Our business was established in 2003 specialising in vehicle tracking, providing our customers with timely Fleet Management information at their disposal in the form of simple scheduled reports. In the seventeen years since RE-Tech UK’s launch the company MD Richard Edwards has broadened our product horizons, as not only is our tracking system, trackNtrace more advanced then ever before and simpler to navigate, but we have also launched a wide range of new products to the transport industry, including EyeScan, the advanced safety system protecting Vulnerable Road Users and EyeWatch, a state of the art Vehicle CCTV system. With IoT technology becoming more important, with exciting products and solutions available, we are closely working with new partners within the Sigfox and WND networks, to use this development opportunity for the benefit of new and existing customers.

RE-Tech UK places our customers at the forefront of our priorities, with a dedicated service team to answer any queries by email or telephone. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensure that you get the images and information that you need to see!  This is just one part of our extensive range of services which completes the loop of safety and monitoring products for the commercial market. For information on this Vehicle CCTV and DVR range, HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Lights, smart bin sensors and much, much more contact us at RE-Tech UK Ltd!  trackNtrace customers also get secure access to our software, to pull reports and monitor data in real time. Our products also help to fight against false liability claims. Our committed staff give us a competitive advantage over similar companies.

RE-Tech UK is proud to be a FORS Associate, meaning the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme backs the work we do.

All of our products can be fully integrated with each other, as well as with third party equipment.