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Bin Empty Monitoring: EyeTilt

The EyeTilt Bin Empty Monitoring Service is a smart waste management application which is uniquely able to identify contaminated loads providing a proven method of photo and video information of your customers waste collections through our trackNtrace software. Just one contaminated bin container affects the whole vehicle collection and needs to be processed separately which is time consuming and expensive. In the Waste Industry, over 6.5% of collections are contaminated which results in customer dissatisfaction and added time spent in resolving the issue, this service ensures that your Waste Management activities for trade collections can be accurately processed.

  • Easy identification of contaminated loads in RCV’s
  • Image report available to identify time, date and location of offence
  • Additional video footage can be accessed to confirm details of contamination
  • Bin container details registered to your customer
  • Alert sent when emptied
  • Time and Date stamped with photo of hopper
  • Cost effective, simple solution

Bringing Waste Management into the 21st Century!

This is just one part of our extensive range of services which completes the loop of safety and monitoring products for the Commercial market.

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