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Vehicle CCTV Camera and MDVR Systems

EyeWatch Vehicle CCTV Camera and MDVR Systems give our customers the detailed perspective they require for their fleet operations. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensure that you get the images that you need to see! Annual servicing for CCTV cameras is also available!

From a basic removable MDVR Hard Drive System, with up to 5 cameras, capturing as many angles as you require and a viewer level package to suit your particular needs and budget.

  • Tier 1 Vehicle CCTV & MDVR Solution: Removable Hard Drive system
  • Tier 2 Vehicle CCTV & MDVR Solution: WiFi or 4G Live Download capability
  • Tier 3 Vehicle CCTV & MDVR Solution: 4G and WiFi Live Download capability
  • Vehicle Safety Dashcam
  • Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service
  • This system will conform to the proposed TfL Direct Vision Standards with the addition of our Turn Alarm Package and side-underrun protection
  • Annual Servicing for Vehicle CCTV Cameras

Annual Servicing for Vehicle CCTV Cameras

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Annual Servicing for Vehicle CCTV Cameras is now available at RE-Tech UK! To keep your FORS compliancy up to date and to continue with accurate Quality Management operations, we can now offer an annual service for all makes of Vehicle CCTV Safety Camera Systems.  Including: MDVR recording units Left and rear view cameras Side scan […]

Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service

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RE-Tech UK can now offer a Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service to all new and existing customers that have vehicle CCTV in their Fleets. It’s not uncommon for a fleet of 50 vehicles to have 2 or 3 incidents per month involving their vehicles. This can take up precious time and resources to investigate thoroughly, […]

Vehicle Safety Dashcam

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Introducing our Vehicle Safety Dashcam, a state of the art 3G Vehicle and Tracking solution that will protect your Fleet against false driving allegations, complaints from the general public and identify fraudulent “cash for crash” incidents. Instant video & driving data downloaded to your desktop reduces insurance claims with quick decisions based on Vehicle Safety Dashcam […]