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Sting Unit

This Sting Unit is an IoT solution which offers a rechargeable, very discreet tamper detection device where specialist/valuable items can be tracked and traced. For example: NHS Organs, cash in transit, expensive products and cargo. With a long battery life of up to 6 months on a single charge, tracking high value goods has never been easier.

If the light sensor is triggered, this device can register the light change and report in, immediately identifying if a parcel, container or cargo has been opened or tampered with.  Including in built temperature and humidity sensors, this unit is ideal for perishable products to be tracked.

  • Security – Cash in transit, jewellery items
  • Retail – Delivery/tracking of high value items
  • Healthcare – Organ/blood/medicine transportation
  • Emergency Services/MOD – Ammunition cases
  • Logistics – Delivery/tracking of expensive cargo

This versatile, portable device can track almost anything – anywhere.

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