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Mobile Medical Equipment

Keep track of Mobile Medical Equipment!

Mobile Medical Equipment is life saving and essential but can often be difficult to locate, time consuming to find and expensive to replace, so why not tag and track them?

By using smart IoT technology, each piece of mobile medical equipment can be tagged and as many receivers as you require can be placed around and within your building and as the equipment moves past a receiver it sends a message giving its location! Goods in or out, floor levels, departments, specific entrances and exits can all have receiver placements so you will never lose track of vital medical equipment again!

  • Ensure the right equipment is available, in the right place, at the right time
  • Reduction in lost or stolen items
  • Improves efficiency, accuracy and reliability of supply chain
  • Enables better asset and audit control
  • Boost utilisation levels and reduce waiting time
  • Reduction in stock take times

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