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Refrigeration Temperature Control Monitoring

Retail organisations are continuously under pressure to ensure that all refrigeration units are at a constantly monitored temperature. Introducing a refrigeration temperature control monitoring system will enable retailers to reduce food waste and to comply to food industry standards. An IoT refrigeration monitoring system can be the only way forward to show auditable compliance at any time.

  • Reduce man hours and mistakes
  • Minimum and maximum temperature range can be set for each individual unit
  • Scheduled email reporting of temperatures
  • Alerts sent if out of set temperature range
  • Complete audit trail

Hands Free Barcode Scanner

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Refrigeration Temperature Control with IoT Monitoring

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Refrigeration temperature control with IoT monitoring is the revolutionary way to constantly check the temperature of individual refrigeration and freezer units. Any unit can be monitored from front of house to behind the scenes storage areas. Ensuring retail customers have trust in chilled and frozen food that they are buying. Alerts can be sent if […]

Roll Cage Trolleys

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