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NHS Monitoring: Transfer and Temperature of Organs, Blood Supplies and Medicines

NHS Monitoring transfer and temperature of donor organs, blood supplies and vaccines with Alerts for evidence of tampering.

  • Organ transplant transportation
  • Blood and plasma supplies
  • Temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals, medicines and vaccines

Corona Thermo-Trace

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Protecting your Staff & Customers against the Spread of Coronavirus. Introducing our new Corona Thermo-Trace product. A high body temperature monitoring system, aimed at temperature checking your employees, customers and visitors to help control the spread of the virus, “Save Lives and Protect the NHS”. The Corona Thermo-Trace tests your temperature whilst wearing face masks […]

NHS Monitoring the Transportation of Donor Organs

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For the NHS, monitoring the transportation of donor organs and bloods is vital, life changing work.  This IoT solution offers a rechargeable, very discreet tamper detection device where specialist items of can be tracked and traced. For example: NHS blood/organ donations as well as temperature control solutions for pharmaceutical products.  With a long battery life […]

NHS Medical Refrigeration IoT Sensors

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Introducing our new Sigfox NHS medical refrigeration IoT sensors.  Giving any busy hospital department the secure knowledge that vital medicines, vaccines or blood products are kept at a constant temperature. Upper and lower temperature parameters can be set to each individual fridge unit Alerts sent to advise if temperature is out of range Can be […]

Mobile Medical Equipment

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Keep track of Mobile Medical Equipment! Mobile Medical Equipment is life saving and essential but can often be difficult to locate, time consuming to find and expensive to replace, so why not tag and track them? By using smart IoT technology, each piece of mobile medical equipment can be tagged and as many receivers as […]