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Locating Ground Support Equipment

Locating ground support equipment and getting the correct, essential assets to the right area has never been more simple with our discreet tracking units!  Using state of the art IoT technology and the Sigfox network, all your assets are at your fingertips.  Ensuring you and your crew are there at the right place and at the right time!

  • Ideal for non motorised equipment
  • Up to a 5 year battery life
  • Low cost Sigfox network

Corona Thermo-Trace

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Protecting your Staff & Customers against the Spread of Coronavirus. Introducing our new Corona Thermo-Trace product. A high body temperature monitoring system, aimed at temperature checking your employees, customers and visitors to help control the spread of the virus, “Save Lives and Protect the NHS”. The Corona Thermo-Trace tests your temperature whilst wearing face masks […]

Airport Ground Support Equipment IoT Sensor

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Locating your airport ground support equipment can be a challenge in any size of airport.  Getting it to the correct gate in a timely way can be difficult at the best of times!  This discreet, rugged tracking device is perfect for on the ground non motorised equipment. Optimize your ground handling services on the apron […]

Airport Baggage Trolleys

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Keep track of your Airport Baggage Trolleys! Airport Baggage trolleys are extremely useful but can often be difficult to locate and expensive to replace, so why not tag and track them? By using smart IoT technology, each trolley can be tagged and as many receivers as you require can be placed around and within your […]