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IoT Waste Management

IoT Waste Management bin sensor technology is the quick and cost effective way for Waste Management services to be monitored.  With the difficulty of getting accurate data of such things as Trade Waste accounts for Waste Management Organisations, RE-Tech UK has a cost effective Waste Management Bin Sensor system which identifies each time a bin has been lifted and emptied.

Embedding a sensor into your waste containers, the bin will tell you when it has been emptied and not the RCV! This can be particularly useful when hiring temporary lease vehicles or contractors.


Bin Empty Monitoring Sensor: EyeTilt

More Information
The EyeTilt bin empty monitoring sensor is a smart, discreet waste management battery powered device which will log into the software when the bin has been emptied giving an activity date and time stamp.  The sensor will register that the bin has been emptied. In the Waste Industry, 9% of collections are missed, which results […]