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EyeScan Cycle Safety

At RE-Tech UK, we supply and install specialist safety systems that assist both cyclists and drivers. Our EyeScan Cycle Safety system consists of 4 sensors and an audible/visual warning system to alert the driver and Vulnerable Road Users of the vehicles’ intent to turn.With an In-cab display showing the position of Vulnerable Road User and distance down side of vehicle, with CCTV to visually show the driver and also to record events as they occur. A flashing alert and audible warning alarm to alert Vulnerable Road Users working together with our new HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light, which we envisage, will help to prevent Vulnerable Road Users from entering the danger zone. In conjunction with our vehicle tracking system, trackNtracedata is captured of all “left turn events” and low volume to the EyeScan Cycle Safety unit onto our software platform.

HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light Square

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This HGV LED Cycle Safety Warning Light is of superior design and construction, standing out metres away for all Vulnerable Road Users to see when the vehicle is turning left.  The purpose of this light is to warn Cyclists and Vulnerable Road Users not to travel down the left hand side of the vehicle. Made […]

Direct Vision Package

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The Direct Vision Package. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensure that your drivers and Vulnerable Road Users get the warning information they need!  This is just one part of our extensive range of services which completes the loop of safety and monitoring products for […]