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New Vehicle Safety Flexi Dashcam!

CCTV_Incident Flexi Dashcam Forward and Rear View

Introducing our New CCTV_Incident Flexi SDT Dashcam, a state of the art 4G Vehicle and GPS Tracking solution that will protect your Fleet against false driving allegations, complaints from the general public and identify fraudulent “cash for crash” incidents. Instant video & driving data uploaded to your desktop, reduces insurance claim times with quick decisions based on Vehicle Safety Dashcam evidence.

Automated FHD video upload available to view through our trackNtrace software on high alert activation

Fast playback facility of the event

Email and SMS notification that an event has occurred

Enables driver behaviour to be monitored

Identify out of hours use

First notification of loss, immediate claim intervention

110 degree Field of View

1080p FHD Video

Optional Panic Button available

Also supporting additional separate in-cab camera

For a live video demonstration click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iGfAgK586g

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