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What do you want to know from your Tracking device?

Many tracking clients buy a solution and just use it only for identifying the location of their vehicles or assets right now.

With so much more information available, why are you not asking all the right questions?

This is a very common situation where your tracking investment could be wasted.

Did you know……trackNtrace  can give you the answers!

Vehicle Fleet Operators:

Location of Vehicle:
By creating Out of Hours alerts, if your vehicle is moved out of business hours an SMS message can be sent direct to your Fleet Managers phone enabling them to initiate an investigation into reasons why this has occurred, thereby eliminating unauthorised usage. Find out more here!

Fuel Efficiency:
Driver League Tables can help you to identify and improve driving standards and behavior. Alerting you to harsh braking and accelerating, harsh cornering and excessive idling, all things which can have a massive and immediate impact on fuel costs. By incorporating the Speed by Road option you can monitor how your drivers are behaving on the road. As a result, you can directly target under performing drivers and improve the situation with driver training. The league tables can be structured upon individual drivers or spread across departmental fleets and depots across your business. Awarding penalty points for each offence you can quickly identify poor driving habits and with an effective, pro active office management, monitoring driver speeds and behaviours, you could increase fuel efficiency by a minimum of 2 mpg. This could result in a fuel cost saving of £150k per year for your business. Improved driving standards can also significantly reduce maintenance and servicing costs. Think what that could do for your business!  (Based on a fleet of 100 vehicles).  Find out more here!

They can also contribute in supporting driver incentive schemes to help maximise personnel engagement. Helping to curb unsafe driving habits and eliminate unwanted accidents as well as boosting the image of your business alongside a positive and pro active management of the Health and Safety culture within your organisation.

Utilisation of Public Service Vehicles:
Is your vehicle sweeping, cutting or gritting in the correct area? With trackNtrace  you can see at a glance what your vehicles are doing and where. Find out more here!

Utilisation of Haulage Fleets:
Is your vehicle being used for haulage or storage? Is it using your trailer?  With trackNtrace  you can see at a glance what your vehicles are doing and where, ensuring that your customers are being charged at the correct rate. Find out. Find out more here!

Safety Cameras:
It is estimated that there can be up to a 40% reduction in vehicle accidents simply when in-cab safety cameras are installed. New research is suggesting that up to a third of vehicle accidents are being blamed on mobile phone usage at the wheel. Find out more here!


Reminder Alerts:
Reminders can be set up to alert you in good time when the Service, MOT and Road Fund Licence is due for each vehicle. Enabling your Fleet Manager to plan and schedule servicing in advance, keeping your business moving on the road.

Protecting the Environment:
By monitoring driver behaviour and identifying improvements you can also help to reduce your carbon footprint as well as reducing your vehicle emissions impact on the environment.