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5 Ways RE-Tech UK Can Help Your Local Authority

RE-Tech UK works alongside work-forces and management teams within the Public and Local Authorities sector, so we understand the constant challenge to ‘do more with less’ which is why we offer proven solutions, bespoke applications, and personal customer service that is second to none.

Bin Empty Monitoring Sensor: EyeTilt

The EyeTilt Bin Empty Monitoring Service is a smart waste management application which is uniquely able to identify contaminated loads providing a proven method of photo and video information of your customers’ waste collections through our trackNtrace software. Just one contaminated bin container affects the whole vehicle collection and needs to be processed separately which is time-consuming and expensive. In the Waste Industry, over 6.5% of collections are contaminated which results in customer dissatisfaction and added time spent in resolving the issue, this service ensures that your Waste Management activities for trade collections can be accurately processed.

Vehicle Axle Weight Monitoring with VWS Integration

With the increased importance of vehicles complying with local and national road networks and weight limits, the missing link in the puzzle has been the absence of accurate vehicle weight data being available to Fleet Managers. This break in the chain does not ensure that both drivers and vehicles are safe and compliant and the assumption that can be made is that they are.

With trackNtrace hardware and software connected to the vehicles, we can provide “Live” data directly from the vehicle which shows axle weight activity. The even greater importance of this data will come with the addition of electric vehicles to the Fleet as there will be more power consumption used on an overweight vehicle, thereby, reducing the vehicle range.

RE-Tech UK has been working closely with our partners at VWS to bring you this vital missing link. Our solution integrates the vehicles’ On Board Weighing (OBW) system to provide accurate Weight in Motion (WIM) data straight to your PC or Laptop!

Gritter Monitoring Data

Get accurate Gritter monitoring data straight from the control box of your Gritters! Extracting RS232 data from the control box you will know what the Gritter is doing at any given time, day or night! GPS and GPRS tracking will show the routes taken as well as a colour-coded breadcrumb trail of gritting on or off, for each individual vehicle, showing you what’s happening at a glance! Improving the utilisation and efficiency of the Winter Maintenance schedule and helping to keep your Winter Service vehicles working at optimal levels during the season.

Vehicle CCTV Bureau Investigation Service

It’s not uncommon for a fleet of 50 vehicles to have 2 or 3 incidents per month involving their vehicles. This can take up precious time and resources to investigate thoroughly, so let us take the pressure off busy Fleet Managers and give you that time back. There are enough challenges for active Fleet Managers including training staff to understand the CCTV platform, having enough time in the day to analyse minute-by-minute footage, and staff turnover, just to name a few. These can all affect any dynamic Fleet Operations Centre. We can analyse the footage and data, and then provide you with the relevant information that you need, giving you peace of mind and the continuity of the supplier delivering the data to you, as and when required.

CCTV_Incident Visual Driving Aids for RCV, Cage Tippers, Bus and Coach

The CCTV 800 series is available with up to 8 AHD + 1 IP Cameras with the added advantage of a Plug-In MDVR System. Options can include: In-Cab 7 or 10 inch Monitor Screens. trackNtrace your Vehicle while also capturing Live Video Data!

Features include Auto Uploads of Collision Events and Live Data Footage Remotely Accessible to your Desktop via our Video on Demand Feature!

Standard camera configuration Left, Right, Rear, Forward Facing AHD cameras and internal IP camera. MDVR Recorder with 1TB solid-state Hard Drive and mirrored SD card if required. Eliminates the blind spot, this is a potential Gold FORS Standard product.