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Tier 1: Vehicle CCTV Removable Hard Drive MDVR System

EyeWatch Vehicle CCTV Removable Hard Drive MDVR System is perfect for the Operator that wants a simple viewing system without the costs of 4G networks or infrastructure for the implementation of WiFi around the site.

Tier 1 Vehicle CCTV and DVR Solution:

Our preferred customer option!

  • Where the MDVR Hard Drive is extracted from the vehicle after an alleged incident has taken place and then the data is analysed at the viewing PC to corroborate any evidence that may be required
  • In-Cab digital monitor screen to allow driver to see all angles
  • Up to 5 cameras on 1 MDVR unit unless otherwise specified
  • HGV Blind spot eradication
  • FORS Gold standard compliant

This is just one part of our extensive range of services which completes the loop of safety and monitoring products for the commercial market.

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