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Tier 3: Vehicle CCTV 4G and WiFi Live Download Capability

EyeWatch Vehicle CCTV 4G and WiFi Live Download viewer levels are based on 3 options and can be varied to suit your particular infrastructure and budget. Uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements, our quality installations by our dedicated and professional teams ensure that you get the images that you need to see!

Tier 3 Vehicle CCTV and MDVR Solution:

Where the MDVR unit has not just a Hard Drive and 4G connection but WiFi capability offering the option of video download when they return to base through your local area network.

  • WiFi and 4G capability with a choice of Hard Drives
  • In-Cab digital monitor screen to allow driver to see all angles
  • Up to 5 cameras on 1 MDVR unit unless otherwise specified
  • Remote access CCTV viewing from your desktop or mobile device (off site, 4G only)
  • Remote access CCTV live incident download and replay (off site, 4G only)
  • Incident download at depot (WiFi)
  • Blind spot eradication
  • FORS Gold standard compliant
  • Fault alerts from MDVR system
  • Hard Drive can be removed for more detailed investigations

This is just one part of our extensive range of services which completes the loop of safety and monitoring products for the commercial market.

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