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Gritter Monitoring: Spread Rate and Routes

At RE-Tech UK, our gritter monitoring sensors and trackers can tell you exactly what has been put down on the road surface at any point in time, ensuring the correct salt spread levels have been applied to the right type of road. Knowing which routes have been gritted and when it was done can be crucial! However, without actual telemetry data of what was laid onto the road surface, the route data alone can be meaningless. This helps you to manage and respond effectively, before and during adverse weather conditions, to the road networks in your area and gives a data trail of evidence to any enquiries that may occur. Allowing you to monitor and react effectively according to the conditions and helping you to keep traffic on main roads safe in wintry conditions, simple!

Gritter Monitoring Data

More Information
Get accurate Gritter monitoring data straight from the control box of your Gritters!  Extracting RS232 data from the control box you will know what the Gritter is doing at any given time, day or night!  GPS and GPRS tracking will show the routes taken as well as a colour coded bread crumb trail of gritting […]