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Security Solution Ranges

Secure Transportation of High Value Goods

The secure transportation of high value goods is of paramount importance to small and large businesses alike. With the ever increasing threat of high value goods being stolen in transit, our discreet tracking unit will not only track the position of the cargo but also send you an Alert when the packaging has been opened.

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Secure Access Monitoring

Ensuring complete, secure access monitoring of your property.

  • All electric gated access covered
  • Confirmation that gates are closed and compound is secure
  • Ideal for large areas where on foot patrols are not efficient
  • Pass through count
  • Scheduled email activity log


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Street Security

Street Security is paramount in today's world and IoT goes a long way towards helping to ensure that our streets and public environments are safe.  With our IoT Sigfox devices we have the technology to analyse when manhole covers have been lifted.  Reducing the potential threat of IED devices being placed in a street environment.  From a central control portal, this data can be monitored with alerts when manhole covers have been moved allowing ground security forces to investigate quickly.

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